Why Your Must Choose Ezulix Mobile Recharge Software?

mobile recharge software
Mobile Recharge Software

Best Mobile Recharge Software Development Company

Ezulix software is one of the best mobile recharge software provider company in India. We are the most leading company in recharge industry over the last few years. Our software facilitate pre-paid mobile recharge, post-paid mobile recharge service, landline mobile recharge service, DHT and data card bill payment service. It also provides electricity bill payment services.

Our software is successfully integrated with mobile recharge API for all the operators and services. We provide you software with free mobile recharge API integration service. All mobile, DTH recharge and data card recharge work on single mobile recharge API.

This software enables you to use all the services like mobile recharge, DTH recharge, data card recharge and bill payments at singles software. You don’t have to use different operators and service API’s from different service providers. In short, we can say that you can offer all the services by using single software and can operate easily.

Ezulix software provides you with extremely customized software ideas with strong features. This will help you to get the reliability of customers and helps to increase your mobile recharge business and achieve great success.

How Can You Start a Mobile Top-up Recharge Business| Mobile Recharge Software

Silence Features of Ezulix Mobile Recharge Software

  • Fully Customized
  • Unique features
  • Unlimited retailers accounts
  • Multi-level Business Module
  • It’s reliable
  • Automatic data backup
  • Credit or debit operation
  • B2B, B2C & White Label
  • Done through portal, web & SMS
  • Connected with a secure database

Multi-Level Business Module

There are following 4 levels where you can start mobile recharge business with us.

  • Admin
  • Master Distributor
  • Distributor
  • Retailer
  • Admin-This is the first and topmost level where you can start your own mobile recharge business with us. Here we provide you Ezulix mobile recharge software along with manual training to you & your staff so that you can understand our software complete. This will help you to use it efficiently. At this level, you can operate and handle all your downline. You have all control panel at this level.
  • Master Distributor-This is the second level of business where you can start. At this level, you have all control on your channel distributors.
  • Distributor-This is another level of recharge business where you can start. At this level, you can only control your channel retailers.
  • Retailers-This is the last level of this business where you can start this business with us. Here you only can perform recharge and transactions of your customers.


So here we discussed all mobile recharge software, what must be the quality of mobile recharge software which best suit for your business. We discussed best features of Ezulix mobile recharge software. Here are 4 levels where you can start recharge business with us.  For more queries contact us Here

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Best Mobile Recharge Software with Highest Commission

mobile recharge software
mobile recharge software

Overview of Mobile Recharge Software (Multi Recharge Software) 

Mobile recharge software is well-known software in India over the last few years. At present scenario we are too much busy, we prefer recharge software and apps to recharge mobile instead of going to a recharge shop. Our government working on digital India project to make India digitally strong. But even 75% of people still depend on these shops for recharge mobile and other facilities. And this is the figure which opens the source of business for you but how?If you have any shop or center, you can start your own business at your shop or center. Ezulix software is one of the best mobile recharge software development company in India. You can start your own business with ezulix at low investment and earn a lot of money. Mobile recharge software is a multi-tasking software, along with mobile recharge it provides DTH, Electric, Gas, and Insurance Pay Service. So you can provide these services to your customers and in returns you earn commissions. Ezulix gives the best margin on mobile recharge software.
Here we have a lot of questions and regarding answers which definitely help you to understand mobile recharge software and mobile recharge business. 

Q.1 what is API in Mobile Recharge?

API refers to “Application Programming Interface” which is used as an intermediate between two or more mobile applications. In other words, we can say that API is working as a middle person or device or we can say a program which helps to communicate two different programs or applications.This feature of API is used in mobile recharge industry to provide multi-services to customers like mobile recharge, DTH, Data-Card, Electric, Insurance, Gas etc.

 Q.2 What is Multi Recharge?

As per name multi recharge, it is used for more than one recharge by using mobile recharge API. Multi recharge app provides all types of mobile recharge software which is works on the concept of the LAPU hardware system. In short, we can say that this type of software covers all types of recharge operators like mobile, DTH, Data-card, Gas, Electric etc.

Q.3 Which is the Best Mobile Recharge Site in India?

Online mobile recharge is most trending in India, nowadays for any individuals. People are using mobile recharge apps for recharge mobile, instead of going to a mobile shop. Here I am giving you the top 7 mobile recharge sites which provide best mobile recharge facilities.

  1.         PayTm – Top on mobile recharge sites
  2.         Freerecharge
  3.         Mobikwik
  4.         Amazon
  5.         Easy Mobile Recharge
  6.         Just Recharge It
  7.        PhonePe

These are top 7 mobile recharge sites, which you can use to recharge your mobiles.

Q.4 What is the Best App for Paying Bills?

Mobile recharge software also enables us to pay bills. Here we learn about the top 5 mobile sites which is the best app for paying bills.

  •         BBPS
  •         PayPal
  •         Venmo
  •         Zelle
  •         SquareCash

These are top 5 apps for paying bills online.

Q.5 Which is the Best Mobile Recharge Software for Business?

You are here means you are seeking for best mobile recharge software for your business. Am I Right? You are at the right place. Doesn’t matter if you are new in this industry or from a long time but not getting good services from other service providers or your business is not improving, we are here to solve your all queries.Ezulix software is a top leading company in recharge industry in India over the last few years. We provide the best software with an excellent support system, this is the reason today we have a huge portfolio of potential customers.We facilitate b2b, b2c and white label mobile recharge software service for your business. Along with the software we provide you manual training to you and your staff so that you can understand over software and take the highest advantage of it. For more details visit our contact us page and comment your query.

Q.6  Which is Best Mobile Recharge Software Company for Retailers & Distributors?

Ezulix mobile recharge software provides you service on 4 levels. You can operate this as Admin, Master Distributors, Distributors, and Retailers. As an Admin you have all the rights to control all master distributors, distributors, and retailers. As per this type on each level, you can control all activities of your downline. We have an experienced team of service department which provides you endless support on each level which helps you to improve quality of service and reduce percentage failure of recharges. We provide updates to customers on a daily and weekly basis which also help you to update with new marketing strategies. For more details move to our contact us page and comment your query or you can directly contact us by a call.

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Top 5 New Small Business Ideas at Low Investment

Top 5 New Business Ideas

Top 5 New Business Ideas

Most of the people among us, thinks about to do business once in a life. Some people have bored from 9 to 5 Job and some other really wants to do their own business. Basically, students who are going to pass out their colleges, who really want to join business in spite of Jobs. So today I am here with top 5 new business ideas which definitely help you.

Basically, we all want to do our own business, a lot of people start business by reading anywhere or may anyone suggest them for any business and they started business without any case study of business, in results they failed. Some other neither have an idea nor money to start business, so if anyone want to setup their own business, how can he/she done this task as successful business. May definitely this article help you to give all your answers regarding this.

So keep reading till the end, here I will tell you about new creative small business ideas, may this come true your dream of your own business.

List of Top 5 New Business Ideas

Here I will tell you about top 5 new business ideas with low investment which you can start at your own shop or center. Here not only I will tell you about business name but also explain how can you start and final setup of your own business. These new business ideas are most trending at this time so you can start them instantly so that you can get more profit with any market competition.

I know your eagerness at top this time, so without wasting time I come to the point. So keep tuning with us for creative small business ideas.

  1. Mobile Recharge Business

New Business Ideas | Mobile Recharge Software

Mobile recharge business is one of the best new business ideas. You can start your own mobile recharge business at your shop or center with low investment and this is most trending business at this time.

To start this business you have to setup a mobile recharge software, you can start this business at 4 levels.

(a). Admin

(b). Super Distributor

(c). Distributor

(d). Retailer

You can start business at any level as per your choice and economical conditions. Ezulix software is one of the best mobile recharge software development companies in India who provide best software with endless support system.

So if you want to start this business I will suggest you this company for mobile recharge software. On the occasion of post Diwali offers, Ezulix giving up to 25% discount on mobile recharge software, so don’t miss this opportunity, start your own mobile recharge business and earn more profit and fulfill your dreams. We also provide complete manual training with software so that you can easily understand and use this software at optimum level. Even if you have any confusion or technical problem, our service team always with you without any cost.

  1. Mini Banking Business

New Business Ideas | AEPS Software

This is also one of the best new small business ideas which you can start at your shop with low investment and less skills. Yes, this is business is based on government project, aadhaar enabled payment system (AEPS) which enables us performing basic banking activities like deposit, withdrawal, fund transfer and balance inquiry.

In this business you have to set up a AEPS software at your shop through which you can perform these basic banking activities and can earn commission from each activity. This is very good ideas of business because no one want to go bank or ATM every time for this if they get facility at any shop near them.

So you can start this business today with Ezulix Software and can get up to 25% discount on post Diwali offer, so start your own business today and make this Diwali profitable.

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New Business Ideas | Start Mobile Recharge Business with Ezulix Now

new business ideas

Ezulix Big Diwali Dhamaka Offer | New Business Ideas

Ezulix providing chance to you all who want to start your own business, Yes this is true. Today I will tell you about new business ideas which will help you to start your own business.

This Diwali our aim is to complete dreams of all who want to start their own business but they have no idea and no lots of money.

We are providing you this opportunity. Here we have new business ideas for you with low investment. You can start your own mobile recharge business at your shop without a lot of investment.

Ezulix software is the best mobile recharge software development company in India which provide you best software with excellent support system. This is the fact which makes things easier for you to start business without so much technical knowledge.

Here we provide you mobile recharge software with complete manual training which help you to understand the software and business tactics. Here we give you highest margin in the industry on every recharge by your software. By this method you earn commission on each and every recharge. You can start this business at your shop or center.

On the occasion of Diwali our aim is to encourage you for the business that’s why we are giving up to 25% FLAT DISCOUNT on mobile recharge software to solve your investment problem.

So don’t miss the chance, start your own mobile recharge business with us and make this Diwali profitable.

Get Diwali Dhamaka Offer Details Here: New Business Ideas

Bumper Offer Save 25% on Aadhaar Payment System

Earn Cashback on Mobile recharge Software & AEPS Service

Mobile Recharge Software offers

Mobile Recharge Software offers

Best Mobile Recharge Software Development Company in India

Festival week is coming and we all waiting for fun in this week. In this festival season all the companies give gifts us as discount or offer like Amazon and flipkart which are offering bumper discounts on all the accessories. So here we also decide to give discounts, offers and cashback on our service. Before telling you about our services I want to tell you about our company and what services we provide to you. If you relate to mobile recharge business then definitely this is the right place for you as choosing best software for your business.

So without wasting the time I come to the point.

We are Ezulix Software Private Limited company based in Jaipur, Rajasthan. Ezulix software is the best mobile recharge software development company in India. We provide you the best recharge software which is moderated according to your business requirement.

If you are in recharge Industry or are you think for online recharge business this is the right place for you here we provide you best multi recharge software with free mobile recharge API which enables you for recharge by different operators at same place. We provide you customized online recharge software which help you to manage all your down-line.  If you are admin you can control all master-distributors, distributors and retailers.

We are working in recharge industry form very long time and compatible with mobile recharge app,mobile recharge portal b2b, b2c and reseller for local clients and customized as per client business requirement. We are providing the best online recharge software and mobile recharge API solutions in India.

Our Services

  1. Mobile Recharge Software
  2. Mobile Recharge API
  3. AEPS Service
  4. Money Transfer Software (DMR)
  5. Pan Card Service (UTI & NSDL)
  6. Bharat Bill Payment System
  7. Bus, Train and Flight Booking Software

Cashback Offers on All the Services

So now we come to the point, Yes now we talk about Cashback and Discounts which is most lovable by us . On the occasion of this big festival we decide to give you all gifts as Cashback and discounts.  Here we provide you up to 25% cashback on all the services and combos. Here I will provide you a list of all services combo rates which help you to understand according to your requirement.

So make this Diwali profitable with Us. Don’t miss the chance, grab this opportunity today and start your online recharge business and get recharge offers and cashback.

Tap here to learn more cashback details and book your offer: Get up to 25% cashback on Mobile Recharge Software & AEPS Service